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Wine wise launches new features for retailers

by CyT UK, 10.04.2017

WineWise-graphic.jpgWine Wise, the free and objective category advice tool for smartphones developed by Concha y Toro UK to help retailers increase their wine sales and profitability, is today launching extra features.

The free advice tool offers the following new functions:

Food and wine matching :
Customer feedback told us that wine matching to dishes was a common request. In keeping with the rest of the site, the food and wine matching presents simple options for matching popular food and occasions to ‘must stock’ wines.  In addition to a range of dishes, Wine Wise also offers choices for popular wine buying occasions such as dinner parties, gifting and bank holidays.

Wwise-screen-1.pngPOR (Profit on return) calculator:
An invaluable aid to help busy retailers determine the optimum selling price for their wine. The user simply enters the cost price, number of bottles in the case and VAT rate, and when a desired sell price is put in, the calculator reveals profit on return by percentage and crucially as a cash figure per case.  A slider then enables the user to compare POR at different sell prices.
Laurie Billson, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Concha y Toro UK, says
“We’ve had really positive engagement from retailers with Wine Wise since we launched it in 2016. We have always positioned it as an objective category advice tool, offering the full spectrum of wine options so that busy shop owners can easily understand what to stock, how to display and look at other successful case studies in wine retailing. Now we can also give them options for wines to suggest in response to typical customer questions, and help them work out what to charge for their wines to hit the sweet spot in the price and profitability scale.
“Wine Wise remains free to download and use – we recognize that what’s good for the wine category is good for major suppliers like us.”
Visit www.wine-wise.co.uk to download the smartphone tool.