Throughout our more than 125 years of history, Concha y Toro have promoted the careful use of natural resources and its development in as harmonious a manner as possible, from the vineyard to the final product. At the centre of our global strategy is the belief that economic success goes hand in hand with care for the environment and social responsibility. Together they form a virtuous circle in which the creation of economic value is complemented by social and community development

Concha y Toro has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which is based on six strategic pillars. These pillars cover the three key aspects of the strategy: Economic, Environmental and Social. Each pillar has specific foci, initiatives and performance goals, with business leaders in charge of managing and monitoring compliance




The economic aspect of Concha y Toro's sustainability strategy covers our customers, our supply chain and of course our products.  We aspire to create strategic alliances with our customers, building relationships based on trust and mutual growth. For our suppliers, we have developed the Standard of Ethic and Sustainability Requirements based on our Code of Ethics and Conduct and Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Finally, Concha y Toro is committed to guaranteeing the quality of all its products, as a key component of the company’s reputation and sustainability


Concha y Toro is committed to efficient and effective environmental management and being a leader of the wine industry on sustainability practices. Environmental challenges and priorities are addressed by our sustainability strategy, which establishes initiatives for reducing water and energy consumption, waste, and emissions, protecting biodiversity and managing sustainability standards and certifications. We measure our carbon footprint, work on goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions; measure our water footprint and develop measures for an efficient use of this resource, and implement a range of energy efficiency measures


Concha y Toro is a major player in the areas where it is present. It is a source of direct employment in the communities where its facilities operate, and indirectly by hiring companies that provide goods and services. The company endeavours to make positive contributions to the development and quality of life of the surrounding communities. Its social policy has focused on supporting projects in four areas: Training and Extension, Local Employment, Education, and Quality of Life. You can read more about our social programmes here