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Case Study

Casillero del Diablo Rosé

Rosé, from having been a consistently growing category in the UK, has changed - sweeter and darker styles of Rosé are falling out of favour, whilst paler, dryer styles are showing very strong growth. 
One of the contributing factors in this growth is the emergence of more engaging packaging for rosé wines - different shaped bottles, labelling and so on. 

Casillero del Diablo, 'The Wine from the Devil's Cellar', continues to grow strongly in the UK, supported by its partnership with films with marketing campaigns led by Casillero del Diablo’s tie up with Sky Cinema and movies on Sky.

Recognising the trend to lighter styles of rosé, the winemaking team in Chile led by Marcelo Papa worked on a brand new blend for Casillero del Diablo rosé. This includes a large amount of Cinsault in the blend which brings lightness in both colour and taste to the final wine. 
To accompany the change in taste and appearance, the marketing team devised this sensational painted bottle. The design pays tribute to the devil whilst giving real standout on shelf.

Since its relaunch in June 2018, the new Rosé blend in its distinctive bottle has sold more than double the volume for Casillero del Diablo Rosé in the corresponding period in 2017.


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